Team: Dr. Baxi, Dr. Bharti & Renuka - Reproductive and Sexual Problems

1.Why sex is harmful to us at this age?

2.Experiencing sex with a girl is safe? Do we have chances of getting AIDS?

3.Does a male when he grows up become impotent by releasing sperms many times a month, by watching Pornography in the childhood?

4.Why the attraction between girl and boy takes place in the age between 13-19?

5.Whenever I see a girl I cannot control my sex? What should I do to satisfy my lust?

6.Is masturbation safe?

7.How can I avoid viewing indecent sites or how can I avoid this attraction to such ugly things?

8.Sometimes sperms come out from my body. Why is it so, and I want to control it and stop it?

9.How to control attraction towards opposite sex without losing the faith of friends?

10.I go crazy about girls. I want a remedy for it? I also go crazy about sex?

Reproductive and Sexual Problems:

1.What are the major changes at the time of adolescence?

2.How can I reduce my sex in my body?

3.Why sometimes there are decreases in percentages after reaching the age of adolescence or maturity?

4.How sex is done?

5.I have no control on attraction of girls?

6.What is sex?

7.*Remedy for masturbation?

8.During sex when condom tears out what a boy or girl should do?

9.When a boy kisses the girl why the girl closes her eyes?

10.Why should we not do sex in this age? Explain in detail?

11.I am having a very bad problem about by seeing to any person?

12.At what age sex is done?

13.I have removed sperms (masturbation) a lot of times. Due to this can any problem arise?

14.What does masturbation mean?

15.I want to stop masturbation. How can I do it? My penis can't control when I see a girl with sexy vagina. How should I control it?

16.What do I have to do when sex is running in my body?

17.Why our sperms come out of our body? Is it harmful to take it out more?

18.What precautions should be taken for sexual development?

19.While sleeping at my bed sometimes sperms come out from my penis what should I do?

20.Whenever I see my smart and beautiful girl friend I can't control my sex? In this condition what should I do? Explain?

21.Is sex harmful?

22.How to cut the hair growing around the penis and back?

23.How to cut the hairs on the testis because hairs near the penis are in bulk and are easy to cut but the hairs on the testis are not in bulk?

24.How the baby is born? Tell me in Hindi.

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