Team: Mansi & Renuka

1.Should we listen to our friends advice or our parents advice? Howe can we control our anger?

2.How to know our self what we are thinking today? When o get any decision I also don't know I right or wrong because my decisions take my parents and I agree him.

3.How shall we control our irritation? And how to develop our body?

4.By sharing our problems to our friends is it right or wrong?

5.What should we do to concentrate on our studies?

6.What is the reason for the attraction between girls and boys at this age?

7.How to develop our mind and keep our mind at cool temperature?

8.How to develop our mind as an adult?

9.Why only girls have to live under the force of the boys?

10.How to know what others think about our behavior?

11.How to improve behavior according to other?

12.Why we get angry very fast?

13.How can we control anger?

14.How to know what others think about us?

15.How we should control anger, aggressiveness and irritability?

16.How to know about our self our behavior and what other think about us?

17.Madam all the things you told right now can be controlled only by one's will power. Many of us at this stage cannot see our guilt phase. What should be done so that we can see our guilt phase?