Team: Dr. Shobha & Renuka - Menstruation & Sexual Problems

1.Does condom give full protection?

2.As penis expands in boys, what changes take place in girls on looking at the opposite sex?

3.Do you think that it is the best time to perform any sex relation?

4.Is it correct to do masturbation?

5.How to control artificial copulating?

6.Why do only girls have to face the problem of menstruation? Do boys face any?

7.How to control the sexual feeling when arisen in the body?

8.Why does our penis expand on looking at beautiful girls?

9.How can we know that a girl is sexually charged?

10.We get excited when we watch model show. Why?

11.How many percentage of sex do girls have?

12.Why is it necessary to come in contact with girl?

13.Do the girls have more sex power than boys?

14.What changes came while adulteration in girls?

15.*How do baby born?

16.Why people of our age can do sex. And why our olders of do not respect this think why it is happen why we can do the sex think?

17.What is AIDS?

18.What changes come in adulthood?

19.What happens in adult body? Give briefing?

20.Why the girls have periods and boys not?

21.What is the full form of M.C.?

22.*What is sex?

23.How does the attraction between male and female occur & sexual exploitation?

24.What is called M.C in girls?

25.How does the sex come in our body?

26.This things happen from what age?

27.What changes occur in human body during adulthood

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