Team: Dr. Baxi, Renuka and Mansi, Team: Dr. Shobha, Mansi & Renuka - Reproductive and sexual health

1.*How does one have sexual arousal?

2.What is sex?

3.Does one conceive if there is sexual intercourse after 3 days of menstruation?

4.There are condoms for men, are there any such devices for women also?

5.Does oral sex lead to AIDS?

6.If one uses condoms during sexual intercourse it does not bring enjoyment? So is there any other option other than using condoms?

7.What is masturbation? Does that lead to weakness?

8.I have not got periods since 2 months, what might be the reason for it?

9.Is it proper to use vibrators?

10.How is a girl or a boy born?

11.What is the proportion of semen in a man's body? To what extent?

12.What are the advantages or disadvantages of safe masturbation?

13.In vasectomy the vas-defrentia are cut so that the semen doesn't reach the penis but can it leak into the body or can any other problem take place due to it?