Team: Dr. Shobha and Vimuben - Reproduction and Family Planning

1.What should be done to prevent pregnancy before marriage?

2.What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)? How do they occur?

Sexual and Reproductive Health

1.How does seminal fluid come out of the body? * What should be done to prevent that? (2)

2.Sometimes I get excited and have to masturbate.

3.* How does sexual intercourse take place?

4.Why does sex take place?

5.What is seminal fluid? How is it made?

6.Why does impotence occur in some boys?

7.Why does a man become weak after the emission of seminal fluid?

8.Sometimes after watching something, I become excited and start having sexual feelings?

9.There are small blisters on the skin of the penis and also dryness.

10.How does one get AIDS?

11.Delivery even at the age of 23-25 years poses a risk for both the mother and the child. Why?

12.If a boy indulges in sex before marriage, what should be done?

If a girl wishes to have sex before marriage, what should she do?