Team: Dr. Baxi and Renuka - Sexual and Reproductive Health

1.How is a child born?

2.Why men use condoms?

3.I have heard that sometimes men feed small baby? How?

How to control urine if we are in meeting or if we are on highway?

4.Why does sex take place?

Why do hairs grow at private parts?

5.Why sexness is only between boys and girls? Why it is not between girls & girls and boys & boys?

Why boys do not marry boys?

6.Why boys are not pregnant?

7.What is the total limit of sex (penis into vagina)?

How do the sperms break the eggs?

Does a woman having two eggs at a same time have babies at same time?

8.How do sex glands build?

9.Sometimes there is pain in the anus part. How to tackle it?

10.* How / why sex is important for life? (5)

11.Do the girls have testosterone and boys progesterone and estrogen? In what quantity?

12.To give birth to young ones is sex necessary?

13.What is the meaning of sex?

14.Why should we marry?

*What is sex? (4)

15.Why sex should not be done before marriage? Which are the problems, which we end up with if we do sex before marriage?

Why girls have breasts and not chest?

16.Why do we need sex?

What should we do if we are influenced towards opposite sex i.e. girls to boys and boys to girls?

What changes takes place during HIV AIDS?

By what is HIV caused?

What happens during intercourse?

17.Sex is important or not?

18.Why does sex take place?

19.Why should we do sex after marriage?

Why the hairs grow in the private part of females?

How to do sex?

Why girls have ovary and boys have testis?

Why girls have breasts?

20.We want some more information on sex.

Why sex is more important?

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