Team: Dr. V. S. Mazumdar, Mansi & Renuka

Psychological problems:

1.Is that when we are very upset or we cry for hours our hairs fall?

2.Tell me the reason why 'I feel to make or discover new things'?

3.If you are at an age in between 16-18 years and if such a situation arises where you are embarrassed or insulted and you fell depressed, so what's the right thing to do at that time?

4.How to control angriness?

5.What should we do to relax having so much stress?

6.How can we develop our personality in a right direction?

7.How to prevent ourselves from anger and specifically on parents when they ask where were you or what you were doing etc?

8.If a boy is ugly what should he do?

9.Why there is a negative personality formation during adolescent age? What is its mental effect?

10.In this age, particularly the emotions are at peak. How to overcome these emotions?

Sometimes there are conflicts with parents as they don't understand us and also we sometimes don't understand them? How to minimize these conflicts?

11.We get depressed early and start crying and become sensitive. Why?

12.Why boys try to come closer to girls?

13.What is the remedy for short-temperedness?

14.How are we able to concentrate our mind in adolescence period?

15.How to remove jealousy towards other?

16.Why do we sometimes become very short tempered without any reason during this period?

17.How to develop confidence in ourself while interacting with people?

18.Why are we tempted to keep girlfriends and boyfriends at this age?

19.Why we get tired early by mind?

20.Why do parents become possessive at this age and don't let us take our own decision even though we are right?

21.How should I develop my mind?

22.Why a gap is created between the parents and children during this age?

23.At this age why we are getting too much angry toward our elder and younger ones?

24.Is self confidence and will power both important for developing our personality?

25.What really the adult age is?

26.Why do we get very much frustrated during this age, very often that what we do not want to say or we do not want behave, we do the same thing?

27.Why I am tempted to be physical?

28.Do we have love at this age or attraction?

29.*We know that if our friend is doing wrong but by his opinion he is right. What should we do at that time, we have to continue our friendship or not?

30.What should a child do when parents come in between their dreams and goals of their life?

31.Why should we compare ourselves with others when we know our capacity is not that much?

32.What are the important things for personal development to be taken into consideration both internally and externally?

33.I cannot live at one place more than an hour.

34.How can we create our will power?

35.How to judge a true friend.

36.Why do parents do not understand the feelings of children? Sometimes they hurt our feelings. Why?

37.Why don't we concentrate on studies?

38.Si, as you have said that your friend is in bad company or is addicted by some bad habit and when we try to correct them or give suggestion they do not bother about it and break relationship. Why this happens?

39.I think that I was not much sensible than my friend. Why this question was come in my mind?

Psychological Problems:

40.In this age we are getting far from our parents and nearer to the friends. How can we decrease this distance?

41.As you said that there are many changes in this behavior. Why in this age we feel jealousy?

42.I am average student but I am unhappy. I want to get more? How?

43.As we know that our company is doing wrong things and we want that we help him/her. What should we do. May we leave our friendship or not?

44.If we are depressed then how can we concentrate on studies?

45.What to do when the expectation of father cannot fulfill or fail to fulfill?

46.I am enthusiastic in doing more than one work at a time. I cannot remain stable at one place.

47.Why at this age we think or I think to break each and everything? In short time why we are getting tired easily?

48.In this age I want to learn more, but when I sit to learn, I can't focus my mind as I am tired and feel bored. What should I do?

49.How to increase concentration?

50.Please suggest some ways of getting rid of the bad habits which one has or the bad habits which one has formed by roaming with bad friends?

51.Many times at this age one cannot take decisions regarding what is good or bad. Why?

52.At this age why does our mind get attracted to other activities where as at this age education is our future? What is the reason?

53.Please give some advice regarding attraction towards the opposite sex?

54.What should one do to come over overconfidence?

55.Why does one get angry unnecessarily in certain situations? How to control it?

56.How can we control our feelings (negative or positive)?

57.How to tackle the changing mental states?

58.What should one do to get rid of depression?

59.How to calm down our mind?

60.When there are certain situations, which we dislike then at that moment one immediately gets irritated and angry. Why does this happen?

61.What should one do if one remembers a certain situation again and again?

62. We are stressed because of the introduction of a new language, and we have not yet developed the competency, how could we improve before we go to the college.

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