Team: Dr. Shobha, Mansi & Renuka

1.Why we don't receive any respect from teachers as well as others? We try our best to do whatever they like.

2.Why we get feeling of irritation? I get angry very fast and cannot control it or expose it.

3.What steps should be taken when we talk to our opposite sex and people feel jealous about it and spread rumours?

4.What shall I do to be candid enough with people? I feel that I am inferior to someone if she has a quality that I don't have. What should I do to forget this feeling of inferiority complex?

5.I never get along with my parents. I always have a row with them for some reason or the other. What shall I do?

6.I have a sister and she always tears pages from my notebook for small things, we also have fight.

7.Actually I have many problems. But I cannot frank out with my parents and friends. I like to tell my friends but they make fun of me.

8.I need a friend who can understand me. Whom should I go to?

9.During this time of adolescence though we don't have any problem, we get tensed or become emotional. We don't like to talk to others etc., why?

10.During adolescence why we become so serious in our nature? Why we hide things from our parents, is it due to shame?

11.When girls grow up why do they feel embarrassed to share their views about growth and more or sometimes parents themselves feel embarrassed to guide their children?

12.Why does the feeling of infatuation arise? What can be done to control it?

13.Why do some people do the rape of girls of 5 years of age, not yet mature also?

14.What can we do to avoid attraction?

15.Is it true that getting physical and mental problems is indication of maturation?

16.What is the best way to control anger and obsession?

17.If we get tensions and we are not able to share our feelings with anyone. What must we do?

18.I have a problem with my grandmother who is not broad-minded. Whenever she comes home she always make me feel that am a girl so I must know household work. I don't have any problem with household work. But she always supports my brother.

19.Does a boy spoil a girl or a girl spoils a boy?