Team: Dr. Baxi, Renuka and Mansi

Psychological and Behavioural Problems

1.When we are angry on our parents we cannot express our expression on them because we have to maintain the discipline. So how we should behave at that time?

2.If our mother and father are angry then how should we impress them or make them happy?

3.Why do we get angry when anybody passes comments on us?

Why do we get irritated?

4.My father and mother do not allow me to go outside after 8 at evening?

5.Why are the parents not like friends?

6.Why do I get angry without any reason?

7.My parents put pressure on me of getting first rank or score more than 90%. I can score easily 85%. My parents are not satisfied with 85%. Why?

8.Can we talk to boys freely?

9.My parents always exert pressure on me to bring the first rank. What shall I do for that and if I score second rank they always scold me?

10.Why my parents are so much worried about us? I know that I can depend on myself or can solve any problem by myself.

11.Why our parents don't understand us and our feelings and emotions?

12.Why we cannot feel comfortable with parents but feel comfortable with friends?

13.Why cannot we concentrate properly in studies?

14.Why the person feels different about parents in the adolescence period as per not in the age below it?

15.Why we get angry or irritated?

16.*Adult person have much power. They are not listening to anyone? Why?

17.Since from olden times there has been a difference between a girl and a boy, not physically or mentally but by activities. It has been seen in the families especially. Whatever things a boy wants to do, parents are always ready for that, but the same thing if a girl wants to do, they are never ready for that. Why there are such differences why girls are not allowed to think or do whatever they want?

18.What is solution of problems occurring in youngster's normal life? Like smoking, tobacco, eating, liking girl.

19.As we see there is a great difference, importance is given to the boys are not given to the girls.

20.My brother say wrong things about me to my parents in fun and my parents scold me; never trust me because I am small. Why?

21.We use to respect our young ones but sometimes they do not respect to us. Why this happens?

22.What is the solution for normal problems which occur in young life? Like mind is not attracted towards studies.

23.Why some parents not give freedom to their children?

24.Why who are big children, parents are scolding to them why not small children.

25.How can I make my brain a smart?

26.Why are adult person have so much power? They are not listening to anyone. Why?

27.What is the solution for normal problems which occur in young life? Like mind is not attracted toward study.

28.When I am insulted in school or house--------

29.Our parents don't give us money at this age. Why?

30.*Why our parents can't understand us. Why our parents what we want to do they never allow us.

31.Why our parents us that we don't want to do this or that? But it's your life, we can live it?

32.Sometimes we feel un-------- with our parents. Why?

33.Why our brother and sister do not understand us. If we ask anything to them why they are not giving proper answers. Is there any mistake?

34.Why nobody is adjusted with us except our friends? Why parents do not understand us?

35.Why does our mother think negative every time? Please answer my Question?

36.What are the duties of life?

37.Why never girls talk with me politely. And I become very angry and choosey with my life.

38.What are the things today should be done avoid by and adult person? Why? Why?

39.Our parents are beating us as you are giving SSC Board.

40.In this age nobody understands us? Why except our friends.

41.Should we try to understand parents or they should try to understand us?

42.Why do our parents are as a obstacle in our life at this age? Except our friends.

43.My father is very strict. I don't get my rights and I also don't obey my father. I want to say sorry to my father. What should I do?

44.What are the solutions of all those problems which are said here now in the assembly?

45.*What should one do to move ahead in life?

46.*I want to achieve something in life? What should I do for that?

47.Which is the best job?

48.At many places children of our age are abused / ill-treated why?

49.When exam nears, students usually fear exams. What's the reason for it?

50.I want to become world's famous cricketer, but I don't get time from my studies. So I cannot go out to play cricket. What should I do?

51.I have very less self-confidence?

52.To eradicate tensions what should one do?

53.*To be successful in life, what should one do?

54.Is a girl necessary in life?

55.In life are there people who are poor and they feel money is necessary?

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