Team: Dr. Baxi,Sangita, Mansi & Renuka

1.Should we say bad words if we are angry on other people?

2.What should I do to remove my stress?

3.How to get rid of problems?

4.What should I do to make myself better?

5.What we have to do to provide solution to problems with parents and friends?

6.What should be done to avoid tensions?

7.We feel shy when we grow up. We are not as friendly as we were in our childhood.

8.Why my friends are more powerful than me? They are powerful than me so they rule on me.

9.Should vehicles be given to us by parents even in short distance and they are not interested in giving.

10.Why do we have to wear shoes and clothes of elder brothers and sisters?

11.Should teenagers see adult pictures like 'Boom' and 'Khwahish'?

12.Why are teenagers more devoted to friends?

13.Why do adults force us to do things that we do not like but they like?

14.Why I cannot bet anyone?

15.How can one get rid of stage fear?

How can one avoid bad companions?

16.How can I get time for studies, sports or exercise?

17.What should be done to prevent mental tension of the whole day?

18.How can I get rid of teasing of my friend?

19.Why does one get attracted towards a beautiful girl?

20.If someone has a exam and he also has got the opportunity to represent his school in sports but his exams and sports are clashing, what should he do?

21.Should school rules be followed very strictly even if they are wrong?

22.Why does it happen that because of one boys fault, all of us are punished?

23.How can I be good to other people?

24.Why do our parents compare us with others?

25.Should we watch cricket match for the whole seven hours?

26.How much time should we watch TV or do computers?

27.We decide to do something firmly yet we cannot do it?