Team: Dr. Sangita, Mansi & Renuka

1.I cannot make friends?

2.Whenever I have any problem I get angry a lot and I am unable to control it.

3.Too much of noise causes a headache.

4.How should one behave with others at this age?

5.I don't like to work. What should I do?

6.*I get angry a lot?

7.I can't concentrate in work. I can't remember, what should I do? 8.Why don't girls understand boys?

9.Sometimes what we say others don't understand, and if at all they do they misunderstand. What I want to say that nobody understands. What can I do?

10.Is attraction wrong?

11.I don't feel sleepy at night? What can be the reason?

12.What is the meaning of conflict? If parents aren't ready to understand our problems then what should one do?

13.What should one do to control anger?*

14.I get angry a lot.

15.I feel tired.

16.I feel weak and bored.

17.Many times I don't get proper sleep