Team: Dr. Baxi, Dr. Bharti & Renuka

1.Problem of understanding with mother. What should be done?

2.Why in the adolescent age children fall in bad company? Why they think that they have grown up and become adult?

3.I usually forget everything for which I am scolded very much. That is my problem?

Whenever I trust someone, the other person breaks my trust. Give cure of this problem?

4.What is the reason of coming of bad dreams?

5.Why the children of our age are not aware by elders of certain things?

6.What I will do to improve yourself?

7.I find students mostly get close to bad things easily. Why?

8.How can I find that I am normal?

9.At what age we are mature?

10.Usually I have no problem because my father and brother are my best friends. We share our feelings our feelings everyday at night but my problem is that I can't remember a thing or subject for a longer time?

12.Why we feel not to ask about our fights, sex or anything to our parents?

13.Some people who are at our age have very bad habit of speaking about some changes like reproduction? What is its reason?

14.What should I do to make my personality better?

15.Problem of understanding with females.