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"UNESCO,Bioethics chair under Asia-Pacific region has been established at PSMC Karamsad on 12th January 2015.

After awarding the writ,to comemorate the same a CME was organised by Prof. Barna Ganguly,of PSMC Karamsad.

Dr. NandiniKumar gave key note address while the Guest of honour was Dr. Russel D'souza-Chair ,Asia-Pacific.

The session which I had the honour to chair had Dr.VijayKumar and Dr.Anand Ramakrishnan as the guest speakers.


2nd session started off with a presentation by Dr.Vijaykumar.
The presentation was on Bias in Bioethics, a futuristic topic,delivered to us by an expert now in practice in USA, dealing with adolescent, adult psychiatry,geriatric medicine and chronic diseases. Read More

This programme for adolescents was carried out under AOP, baroda,coordinated by Dr. Satish Pandya.and national faculty Dr. Kharod. After having sessions with adolescent Boys and Girls (over200),we had a programme for Parents and teachers attended by over 350 participants.It was followed by "Open House" session. On sunday,4th August,we had scientific programme for Paediatrcians, well received by over 40 practicing paediatricians of Baroda. I am attaching a few pictures to go with this on my web page.

Recently I was invited by State Health resource Center Raipur Chhatisgadh(CG) and Unicef-- CG for the consultative meeting at Raipur for Adolescent Health with special ref. to sharing experiences about Adol Health Care and Life Skills Education. It is noteworthy that CG is trying to include some of AH and Life Skills Training , for preparing "Mitanins"- a unique cadre of out- reach honorary workers which antedate the much acclaimed ASHA scheme of GoI.

CDSA Certificate USF Certificate


Dr. Baxi was invited to "Meerathehappyschool" for a talk to the parents of Adolescent boys and girls,regarding some issues and challanges faced by parenting adolescents.(Feb25th,2012,9am to 12.noon.)
Growth and Development,Nutrition,psychosocial and behavioural changes etc were briefly discussed followed by one hour session of Q and A. and I contributed

Subsequently,taking cues from parents,Adolescent sexual development and sexuality was the topic for a lecture to adolescent boys and girls at the same school.Normal development of reproductive system and related issues were discussed.A few questions that came up,were responded to, leading to further discussion.(March1st,2012)

Meerathehappyschool,organised a programme titled"celebrating the difference" at Center Square Mall,Baroda,a public place with a footfall of over 10,000 on a typical sunday.(March 4th,2012)

Adolescent boys and girls staged various skits/streetplays/dance etc etc..Teachers from the school also actively participated.It had a captive audience of parents and a public gaze,serving the purpose of creating awareness.Prof.Thomas Vadayaand I had the pleasure to be the guests.Prof. Vadaya shared his thoughts on "healthy growing -up".

I must mention here that Ms.Rekhaa Shah,Principal of the school is a psychologist and a person who has received advanced training in counseling fr Life skills development. Her school is also giving equal opportunities to "differently able and slow learners"Moreinfo. of school can be found on its website.


Under UGC small grants department of Foods and nutrition, of Faculty of Home science organised a workshop on Research Methodology 5 sessions of 3 hours each.(15,16,19,20 and 21st of March inst...)Dr. Baxi made a presentation on "Screening Tests" under epidemiology on day 1. Later on,Dr. Baxi made a presentation on "Ethics in Medical Research".Besides, theoretical details,actual experiences of the International research and recently concluded workshops,in collaboration with University of South Florida were shared. Senior faculties, reserchers,Ph.D. fellows and postgraduates attended this programme actively.

A meeting of a few Gynecologists and paediatricians, who are working with adolescents (school based programmes) was called on 25th February, 2013. Dr, Satish Pandya took the lead role to bring on board some active participants. Various presentations prepared by them were reviewed with a view to come up with a uniform set of presentations for future use by everyone. Many technical inputs came from Dr. RKBaxi, Dr. Satish Pandya and Dr. Bakulesh Chauhan- all 3 qualified Adolescent Pediatricians that Baroda city has. It was decided that they will take the responsibility of collating all available inputs and come up with draft presentations to be finalised in the next meet proposed to be held after mid-March 2013. The initiative was supported by MSD Pharma.